Think back to the new year in 1999... how much has changed in your life?  How much are you happy with... and how much do you think 'how did I end up in this mess?'

There are two ways to help set the course of your life.

1. The Moment we are in

We make choices 'in the moment' - the problem is, those choices set a direction for our life, the direction we are moving in picks up momentum until one day we wake up and think - 'how did I get here!?'  A few silly choices just take on a life of their own and their momentum takes over.

2. The Momentum we generate

The second option, is to have a longer look.  Have a look ahead.  Where is it you want to be?  What kind of husband, athlete, boss, father do you want to be in 5 years, 10 years...  What choices would you have to make NOW to help that happen.  What momentum would you have to generate to get through all the obstacles.  Once we decide THAT, then we are ready to make the choice in the 'moment'.

We can all have the right 'intentions'.  I intend to be a good father, I intend to be a good athlete, I intend to be a good boss... but MOMENTUM trumps INTENTION every time.  Unless the choices I make in the 'moment' are part of a larger picture, it doesn't matter what my intentions are, poor choices in the moment will generate momentum that will carry me somewhere I do not want to go.

Is our focus on the

‘moment that we are in’

or the

‘momentum that we are generating’?