Actually we need more of the RIGHT kind of rebels in the church.  Have you ever worked with someone who just seems to swim against the current?  They are a source of both irritation and respect.  When everyone else is happy, they pipe up and object.  When everyone else is afraid to speak up, they seem unmoved by fear.  They are not intimidated by titles or pomp or position or authority.  They are not afraid to question authority.  They are Rebels.

But there are two kinds of Rebels who are prepared to question authority, and though they might look similar – they couldn’t be more different.

The Way of the Rebels:

  1. Respect Authority – This rebel knows that they are a broken sinner in need of  God’s grace, they know God is a loving heavenly Father who created them.  They respect God’s authority and they respect people who are in positions of authority.  But when those people use their authority to dishonour God and harm people – you see the rebel.  The rebel rises, the rebel refuses to be quiet, the rebel questions the authority – all because they RESPECT God’s authority.
  2. Despise Authority – this is a different rebel.  This rebel will not follow anyone except themselves.  They refuse to acknowledge their place before God and if they will not follow the God who made them – why should they follow anyone!

Though they may look similar in many way there is a huge difference between these two rebels.  The first rebel, out of respect for God tries to uphold truth and love, and only fights when these two things are challenged.  The second rebel, will listen to no-one, they don’t care about truth or love, they lie to get their own way, they sin because they like it.

We have plenty of rebels who despise authority, we need more rebels who respect it.