Study #1

Okay, let’s give it a try.

Let’s dream about a world without God and answer these 3 questions…

  1. Who are ‘We’?

Answer: We are accidents.

We are the sum of chance + matter + time.  If we are not the precious design of a wonderful Creator – what gives us value? Does our value come from our…

Usefulness?? If so, those who are less useful are cheap to us.                                                   Intelligence?? If so, those who are less intellectual are excess baggage

Being ‘human’ has no intrinsic value, we are just accidents. In this world it's okay to get rid of the weak and useless.

2. What is ‘Love’?

Answer: Chemical Process & Survival Strategy.

Makes sense, the best chance of survival is to work as a community – love each other, look after each other.  It’s not about what is RIGHT or WRONG – it’s just about what WORKS.

The problem is, some people find that rebelling against these strategies works for them.  Murder, rape, stealing – others may not like it but they've no right to say it's WRONG.  Sure, if everyone did those things it would be a terrible survival strategy for the community – but it couldn’t be WRONG in an ultimate ‘moral’ sense.

In an ‘accidental world’ there is no ultimate RIGHT or WRONG, only Survival Strategies and Personal Preferences.  That is a world not just without God, it’s a world without GOOD.

3. What is ‘Life’ about?

Answer: It’s meaningless. 

Off course we can give it meaning ourselves, but whether we live a wholesome ‘loving’ life or spend our days as a tyrant – the end is the same, 6-feet-under – won’t matter to us on that day how we lived.

Then there is the legacy idea – we give our life meaning by leaving a legacy.  But just stretch the timetable a bit – one day this whole world will be wrapped up and gone – who will care about legacies then?


The Bible says that God is the loving Creator of all things.  He made people with a special dignity, he designed us to love each other and Him, he gave our lives significance – created to be in a relationship with the eternal, loving Creator God.

 That’s a World full of God.  That’s a world full of Good.