Study #5

Two of them are pretty obvious, but we keep forgetting about one of them.

We often think in terms of 'Goodies' and 'Baddies' but we know that doesn't work.

For Christians we can think in terms of those who are 'spiritual or religious' and those who aren't.  The problem is, that isn't the way Jesus saw it.  Try reading Luke 18:9-14, there are 3 Ways to Live...

1. Rebellion

This is one of the obvious one - we openly shake our fist at God, live whatever way we want and tell God to get lost.

2. Religion

This is the one we keep forgetting - but it's the one that Jesus spoke against the most!  'Religion' says:

'God accepts me because I serve him'

This breeds a self-righteous, proud heart that looks down on others because they aren't as good as us.  We believe God 'owes' us because we are so good. We forget that after all our impressive acts of service, we are still fallen, sinful people who need to humble ourselves and ask for God's mercy.  If we are religious, we also shake our fist at God, we just do it more quietly and subtly.

3. Grace

This is the option that Jesus says both Rebels & Religious people must take.  'Grace' says:

'I serve God because he has accepted me'

We can only find acceptance in Jesus Christ.  Rebels need to turn from the way of life that dishonours God, Religious people need to turn away from their proud hearts - we all need to throw ourselves on God's grace and mercy.