Picture4God has made you soooooo special - he has given you a unique set of gift, talents, skills experiences that no-one else in the whole world has... here are 3 ways we use these gifts in church...Picture1

1. The Consumer Christian

This is when we come to church but don't use our gifts.  Maybe we think only the 'ministers' do ministry.  Maybe we think we are too busy.  Maybe we think we aren't gifted... but for whatever reason we don't take ownership of what goes on.  If we see a problem we think to ourselves "someone should fix that" - rather than thinking how WE can fix it.  We attend church, we even enjoy church, but we don't use the gifts God has given us to serve His people in church.


2. The X Factor Christian

This time we DEFINITELY use our gifts! Except this time it is the motive behind using them that we have to question.  It is less about serving people for God's glory and more about showcasing the wonderful skills and talents that we have.

3.  The Cross Centred ChristianPicture2

Here we acknowledge that God has given us certain gifts that he longs for us to use to build up the people of God.  We seek to use them not to impress people but to serve people.  Not to gain respect for ourselves but to give God glory.

God HAS given you gifts, wonderful gifts, whether you know it or not... they are on loan to you from God - how are you doing at using them?

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