Whereabouts are you on that journey?

Have you any advice for people who are in the early stages of their journey?

Here are 4 bits of advice that  Peter gives us:

1. Humility

The humility to accept the things that we cannot control.  God is powerful, he is at work, sometimes he sends good times our way, sometimes we live through the hard times.  We need to humility to trust him and trust his plan.

2. Prayer

Whenever we are anxious or scared, worried or stressed... whatever part of the journey lies ahead - take it to God in prayer.  He cares, he listens...

3. Alert

We are involved in a spiritual war - God is real and the devil is just as real.  Let's keep our head, keep perspective - this is a spiritual journey we are on.

4. Faith

However hard the journey - keep trusting God's promises.  The journey doesn't end at death - it's just getting started.  For those who trust in Jesus, sin is forgiven, eternity with God is ahead... keep the faith.

Peter's advice to us is to remember that the road may be hard, but there is glory at the end of the journey.  God's walks with us on the road, stay humble, stay prayerful, be alert and keep the faith.

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