It not enough to know what the Bible says on a particular issue... we also need to figure out how we 'hold' our views.

The bible addresses many issues, some are clearer than others, some are more important than oPicture1thers.

If you look at the 4 different corners, there are 4 different conclusions to come to...

1. Clear and Important

Things like - how to get right with God.  The bible is crystal clear and there is nothing more important!  We hold this with a closed hand - unprepared to compromise it.

2. Unclear and Unimportant

Things like - where do you think the Garden of Eden was physically located.  Not much to go on and not terribly important that we find out.  We hold this with a very wide open hand.  We may have an opinion, but that is all it is, and not much hangs on whether we are right or wrong.

3. Unclear and Important

Getting a bit trickier now.  Maybe things like the finer details of the Trinity.  Hugely important but took us a long time to figure it out.  It is so important that we need to keep holding this with a closed hand, with the realisation that we must not push too far that we end up building on speculation.

4. Clear and Unimportant

Say, someone thinks the Greek word of 'carpenter' is in fact 'blacksmith' and maintains that Jesus was a blacksmith not a carpenter.  It is pretty clear they are wrong, but if they continue to believe that, it is not a total disaster.  A looser hand can be used...

But things get complicated don't they... the issues vary on a spectrum and it is hard to figure out, how tightly and how loosely should we hold our convictions - much wisdom and humility are needed to maintain unity and protect truth.