You’re not the only one with questions…

Ever wish you could sit down with God and ask him about this world?

Ever asked any of these questions?


  1. Why did you put me here? Do you care about us? Have you left us to crack on with life and make the best of it? Why did you put me here?
  2. Why does this world seem so amazing one day and amazingly messed up the next?  How come good honest people often get nowhere in life, yet scumbags get to live it up
  3. Are you going to fix the problems?  Or is that down to us?
  4. Is there any hope that this world is getting better?  Are we climbing a ladder making progress or are we spiralling down out of control?
  5. I hate religion.  Do you?
  6. Why do you have churches all over this world?  Isn’t it time to leave ‘organised religion’ behind?

Do you have Questions?  ...The Bible has answers.

Look out for the ‘Bible Basics’ posts that are coming soon…