When our soul is depressed it brings a host of problems.  One of the biggest is the simple fact that a depressed soul is not a good advisor.

It sits on our shoulder constantly giving us advice, constantly telling us things, constantly eating away at us.

There comes a time, when we need to say to this unwelcome advisor that they are no longer worth listening to.  They no longer have our ear, we want to listen to a different voice.  When Christians go through these dark times they have a wonderful voice to turn to - a wise voice to answer the naggings of a depressed soul.

Here are 5 bits of bad advice that our own depressed soul tells us... and 5 ways that the Gospel answers it:

1. A depressed soul says: 'I'm worthless'

The Gospel says: 'No! You precious in God's sight, because though fallen, you were made in God image and you were bought with the precious blood of Jesus Christ.'

2. A depressed soul says: 'I'm lost'

The Gospel says: 'No! You were lost, but you have been found - and though you walk through the darkest valley - Christ walks with you.'

3. A depressed souls says: 'Life has no meaning'

The Gospel says: 'Yes it does! You were made by a wonderful God, to know him and love those he has made.'

4. A depressed soul says: 'God doesn't care about me'

The Gospel says: 'Yes he does! God the Son left the glory of heaven to die on a Cross for you - that's how much he loves you.'

5. A depressed soul says: 'There is no hope if happiness'

The Gospel says: 'Yes there is! No matter what this life throws at us, we have the hope of eternity with God, when Jesus will wipe ever tear from every eye.'

A depressed soul is not a good advisor.

Sometimes we need to stop listening to ourselves and start talking to ourselves.