677890-times-square-new-york-boston-bombBoston 15th April 2013.  It's hard to get your head around.

A family day used as an outlet for such hatred.

A day of fun and celebration turned into tragedy and pain.

It is hard to get your head around.  And we all ask, "Where was God?"  It is hard to understand how he let it happen.  For many of us this is the sort of things that makes us think... maybe he isn't there...

But just imagine for a second that he WASN'T there,  just imagine that he isn't ANYWHERE.  Imagine that he doesn't exist.

How do we then understand 15th April?  If there is no God who made us and loves us, if we are just here by chance and happy accident, then what we call 'love' and 'moral outrage', what we call 'justice' and 'compassion' are just survival instincts that have developed within us.

We don't have the right to say that there was anything ultimately evil about what happened on the 15th April - it just grates with out survival instinct.  There will ultimately be no justice for what happened on 15th April, the bomber who died met the same fate as the innocent people he killed.

If God is not real, we cannot call what happen on 15th April 'evil'.  If God is not real, there will be no proper justice for 15th April....

But the thing is... God IS real.

He cares for people, he says it is wrong, it is wrong to take innocent life like that.  He loves the people that he has made, we are precious even though we are fallen.  He holds us accountable and one day we will stand before him and justice will be done.

God is real and he cares.

On the 15th... "Where was God?" we haven't answered it yet... but he WAS there, and he IS here.