James Dobson writes books on adolescences.  He recounts an experiment that was done with Teenagers.

It was dead simple.  10 teenagers are put in a room and asked to look at three lines - A, B & C...

The letters A, B, C would be read out and the teenagers had to put up their hands when the longest line was called out.


The trick was that 9 of the teenagers had been primed to put up their hand at the SECOND biggest line!  The 10th teenager was the one being tested.  The test was repeated and repeated, the instructions were clarified and re-told... Yet 75% of the teenagers tested put up their hand with the rest of the crowd - even though they knew it was absurd!

It is hard to be different, and it's not just teenagers that find it hard.  It is hard to be 'who you are' when you are not like everyone else.  Being is 'a Christian' is by definition to be a Rebel.  It is to live for a different Lord, to praise a different Saviour, to love a different Master.

Rebels stick out, rebels need courage, rebels dare to be different.