DeathIt's all around us.  It will come to us all, the odds are certain - one in one of us will taste death.

It is the most natural thing in the whole world... yet it is the most UNnatural thing in the whole world.

It rips families apart, it leaves tears and pain behind that words cannot express.  It just doesn't feel right.

And it isn't. It's not right, we wish it wasn't there, and yet it comes to each and every one of us.  The Bible talks a lot about death and it says three things:

1. It's our Curse

The very first promise in the Bible was that if Adam and Eve sinned - they would die.  We have lived with that judgement ever since.  "From dust we are and to dust we return."

2. It's our Wages

Death is still the price that we pay for sin.  Each of us has a heart that wants to tell our Creator God to keep out of our lives.  Even our best moments and tainted.

3. It's our Enemy

We hate death, and rightly so - it is a constant reminder that we live in a messed up world.  It hurts us and rips our families apart.

But death doesn't have the final word.  We worship a God who tasted death - as a man, God experienced death, death on the Cross.  As a man, God died to pay for our sin, not only that we was raised to life defeating sin and death!

Jesus bore our Curse, he paid our Wages, he beat our Enemy!

We worship a God who tasted death, we worship a God who beat death.  For those who trust in Jesus Christ, death has lost it's victory, death as lost it's sting.  We need not fear death for it's power was lost at the Cross and Resurrection of Jesus Christ!