That's the rule in the 'Game of Life' - isn't it?  The more stuff we can get... the better we are at the game - the better we are at LIFE.

This would be totally true, apart from one thing...  This would make sense of the game of life, apart from one thing... This would separate the winners from the losers, apart from one thing...

There is one thing in this whole world that makes the rule "whoever dies with the most toys, wins" a really silly rule.  In fact it makes it a down right stupid rule to live by.

You know what that one thing is - it's the one thing we cannot talk about, it's the last taboo.

I don't know how many funerals you've been to - I imagine more than you want.  Me too.  Have you ever noticed, in the coffins there is never any room for luggage?  Have you ever noticed on the hearses, there is no tow-bar to pull a trailer load of trophies?

There is one thing in the whole world that makes greed look really silly - Death. 

We take none of it with us.  Jesus tells us, we can live this life in two ways.  We can live it for him - honouring him, trusting in him... or we can live it for ourselves.  If we choose the second way, no matter how many 'toys' we get on this earth, there is only one end to our story - a coffin with no luggage, a hearse with no tow-bar and a grave-stone that says 'A Fool lies here'.

If we choose Jesus' way, we might go to the grave without luggage, but we go there knowing we meet him on the other side as his friend.