Imagine calling the God of the whole universe 'Father'.  That is one of the most amazing parts of being a Christian.

And being part of a Christian family is a great blessing.  But it brings with it one danger ...

The danger is that children of Christian parents may think that their parents' faith is enough.  They think that they are right with God because their parents are right with God.  They think that because God is their parents' 'Father', God must be their 'Grandfather'.

But God doesn't work that way.  We cannot get right with God through our parents.  We can only get right with God through Christ.  It is not our parents' faith but Christ's work on the Cross that brings us to God.

God is not in the business of being a 'Grandfather'. 

We come to him as 'Father' or not at all.  We must teach our children to 'own' their faith.  We must encourage them to make it personal.

We are not trying to teach them moralism or religion - we are trying to point them to Christ - so that they may know for themselves the wonderful blessing that it is to call God 'Father'.