Study #3

We can't know the beauty of the mountain top until we see the depths of the pit from which we were rescued…

3 Reasons we are HELPLESS

 1. We are our own Slaves

Not only have we turned away from God to serve something else, but we have slapped hand cuffs on ourselves. We not will allow ourselves to turn back to the God who made us.

2. God is Holy

Not only do we turn away from God, he turns away from us. God is Holy – he is pure and set apart, he has nothing to with things of darkness.

3. God is Just

Not only must God turn away, he must punish wrong doing. God is not a corrupt judge that lets evil go unnoticed – he is fair, right and just in his judgements.


We are helpless, we WON’T turn back because of our hard hearts and we CAN’T come back because God is holy and just. We are totally helpless… but not hopeless. You see God is holy and just but he is also a God of love and grace. In love and grace he sent his Son to die on Cross and be raised in glory and he sent to Spirit to work on our hearts.

3 Reasons we are not HOPELESS

1. God’s Spirit softens Hard Hearts

He is capable of breaking the chains around our heart so that we see God for what he is – our wonderful, rightful Creator God.  It is the work of the Spirit that brings us to Faith.

2. Christ’s Righteousness

When God’s Spirit breaks our chains we are able to put our faith in Jesus, we are united to Jesus by faith, his righteousness becomes ours. We are spotless in the sight of our Holy God.

3. Christ’s Sacrifice

In our union with Christ by Faith, he takes the punishment on the Cross that we deserve – he pays the price for our sin. Our debt is paid in the sight of our Just God.



We are helpless but not hopeless, broken sinners can come back to a holy and just God and it is all...

By Grace Alone, through Faith Alone, in Christ Alone.