My friend's great, great Grand Father was killed by a car whilst he was crossing the road.  The shocking thing was that at that time, there was only 1 car registered in the whole county.

It was a time when people hadn't yet worked out that you need to "Look right, then left, then right again" before you cross the road.

Just as the arrival of the 'car' and our road systems changed the shape of our world, the superhighway - the internet and social media - are changing it's shape again.

I am told that 65% of children entering primary school this year will end up doing jobs that haven't even been invented yet!  With this comes amazing opportunites and serious dangers.

Social Media is neither good nor bad in itself - but it can be used in either of these ways.  A good question is

'who will teach our children to cross the superhighway?'

Proverbs 1:8-9, encourages children to listen to the wisdom of their parents to help them nagivate the world ahead.  What wisdom are we giving our children to nagivate the superhighway?

We can't guide someone in a world we do not know.  If we know this world, we must ask ourselves - not only are we modelling how to stay safe when we cross the superhighway, but are we also modelling what it looks like to honour God as we navigate this new world.