Being a husband is hard... that isn't going to change.

God has given you a family... Don't change them.

How about trying to change these three things...

1. Be a Leader

Instead of being a passive member of the family, take some initiative.  How is your wife doing spiritually, emotionally, physically?  You know all that ambition that you pour into your work, or your sport or your hobby - pour it into making your family flourish rather than a family that manages to survive.

2. Take responsibility

Instead of shifting the blame and pointing fingers, take responsibility for making things better. You may have a difficult wife and complicated children - but put your hands up for the problems you've brought to the family, and have the humility to go and ask for help to get your marriage and your family back on track.

3. Be Loving

Leading isn't enough, it is possible to lead in a harsh and horrible way.  Lay your life down for your family.  The the sort of husband and father that spends himself for the good of his family.  Jesus was a great leader... yet he washed his disciples' feet.

Husbands - let's not be passive by-standers in our families, let's not be blame-shifters or harsh task-masters...

Husbands - Let's be loving, responsible, leaders.

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