Study #4

Can you picture it?  A place with no suffering, a place where there is no more pain, where every tear is wiped from our tired eyes.

A place where there is no fear of death, or sickness. Where families are not torn apart by drug addiction, where countries don't go off to war.

Where children are safe, where people care for each other, where the world does not rage against us.

Can you imagine that world? That is the world that Christians are looking forward, a world with God at the centre.

But to fix this world, God must fix the problem of 'sin', he must fix the problem of 'us'.

Jesus Christ came the first time to deal with sin - he did that by being nailed to a Cross.

He will come a second time to judge sin - and when he does he will bring with him the 'new world'.

A world that is fixed.  Jesus has offered us a place in that world... if we come to him for forgiveness.