tumblr_mbe8r1PbV41r4t7g0o1_500We all know the feeling.  We try to be nice civil people. We try to be kind and compassionate - but our very own 'Mr Angry' keeps showing his ugly face.  The more we let him out the more he shapes the rest of our lives.

We don't like him.  No-one likes him. The more angry we get the more he likes to hang around.  The thing is... Mr Angry isn't the problem.... WE are.

Maybe a tiny fraction of our anger is appropriate - but most of our anger is a symptom of something else.  It is a symptom of the way we look at the world.  Here are two ways to look at our world:

1. Me in the Middle

Then I measure things by how useful they are to ME.  I get angry at the things that don't serve me the way I expect them too.  And do you know what ... there are LOTS of things that don't serve me the way I want them to!  So my very on 'Mr Angry' has plenty of excuses to show himself.

2. God in the Middle

Here I measure things by how important they are to God.  I see other people not as 'things' to make my life easier - but people who are special to God.  This world has not been designed to serve me, it's been designed to serve God.

When I realise this something great happens...

My anger towards people changes to become compassion for people

It is possible to 'manage' our anger - it is much better to deal with it.

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