Buckets-PositiveBehaviors-Attitude-ForrestPerformanceGroupThey can start of so well.  But somewhere along the way, something changes.  Somewhere along the way, you stop being amazed and infatuated by the person and you start getting more annoyed with them.  Somewhere along the way, you find yourself thinking less about how much you love them and more about how much you need to FIX them!

Something happens... somewhere along the way.  Here is one of the things that might have happened.

We do something similar in relationships.  In the early stage, we put on our 'shop front' we try and give the person a reason to stay with us.  The more they seem committed, the more we start shaking empty buckets at them...

We have an 'empty bucket' for our emotional needs, our financial needs, our security, time, relational, physical, practical, spiritual needs and plenty more.

Until one day, all we seem to do is get annoyed with the one we love because they don't fill our buckets the way we want them to.  But the thing is,

...somewhere along the way, we stopped trying to win them and just starting expecting from them.

In the mess of relationships, before we get annoyed with the one we love because they aren't serving us properly, it might be worth asking ourselves the question...

Have I given them a reason to love me today?