The book of Jonah is awesome!

It's amazing to see how compassionate God is.  Even though Jonah disobeys and runs away from God - God doesn't let him get away, he chases him down and catches up with him.

That's a great encouragement to Christians - and so many Christians can testify that God has done exactly that for them.  They have gone through a period in their life were they have been 'running from God' but eventually God catches up with them and brings them back.

But thing is, God is no fool.  He is a compassionate God but He is also a God who takes sin seriously.

Sometimes God draws a line in the sand and says 'this far and no further'.

There is a danger that if we carry on running from God, we will turn around one day to realise... no-one is chasing us.  Think of Judas Iscariot - as he left the Last Supper to betray Jesus, did any one chase him?

We cannot mess around with sin.  God, in his compassion often pursues people, don't take his compassion for granted, for one day we might move from being a Jonah to being a Judas.

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