I don't just mean sleepy.  I mean that sort of tiredness that causes us to wilt, to slow down, to go through the motions in life, because we are just feeling ... tired.

Here are two things that are just absolutely necessary to get right if we are going to shake the plague of tiredness.

1. Sleep!

God designed us to need sleep.  Depending on your life circumstance this can either be dead easy to regulate or one of the hardest conundrums that you will ever face!  But if we are going to operate they way we need to, we need to sleep right.

2. Motivation

Tiredness and apathy can come because we have lost sight of WHY we are doing WHAT we are doing.  When we stop caring about our projects, our work, our relationship and why they are important we end up going through the motions.  The thing about 'going through the motions' is that it is exhausting - or better - it is DRAINING.  We get tired by what can be the simplest of jobs, the easiest of days.

We have been reading through 1 Peter in Church recently... that book of the bible gives us a great motivation for all we do - Jesus is Precious!  When we realise how precious Jesus is we can say...

"I will serve him, I will care for the people he has put in my life, I will work hard at the job he has given me, I will pour my self out to honour him... all because he is so precious."

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