If you don't get on with your boss, life can be pretty hard.

Knowing that you are going in each day to face another battle, just becomes emotionally exhausting.

Before you try and fix the problem, you need to figure out what is causing the problem.  Here are 2 reasons that your boss might be giving you a hard time...

1. YOU are difficult

We can so, sooooooooooo, easily play the victim.  It maybe that we are making our boss out to be a big bad monster, when really the problem is with us.  It could be our attitude, the way we communicate, not doing our job well, it could be anything.

If this is the problem, complaining about our boss is not the answer, we need to stop playing the 'poor innocent victim' and start taking responsibility.

2. Your BOSS is difficult

It may be that our Boss is just unreasonable.  Maybe they do not appreciate our integrity, or our refusal to take advantage of others.  Maybe we are doing all we can - and it is just met with animosity.  In that case there is a temptation to complain and become bitter.

Instead the Bible encourages us to continue serving and respecting them.  While we work for them, we are to work hard.  We are to continue to work with integrity even if it gets us in trouble.  We are to speak to them and about them with respect - they are our boss and we should show them respect, even if sometimes they have not earned it.

But most likely it is somewhere in-between.  Probably there are things about US that are difficult and things about our BOSS that are difficult.

let's take responsibility and show respect ... even when it isn't deserved

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